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Fear Allah Road Sign
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few supplements that might benefit you

fish oil omega-3

help to reduce triglyceride level and help to reduce cardiovascular disease risk even to those who already have the disease

evening primrose oil

beneficial for women. it can help improve skin health.

vitamin C 

take vitamin C 1000mg/day might reduce cold episode

glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate

for those who have joint pain/problems. 

those are only our effort to improve our quality of life. but, the true curer is Allah asy-Syafi

when we sit for a long time, we breath less. as a result, we feel sleepy and our body become toxic due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide in our body,

So, take a deep breath and breath more when you sit. 

Instead of complaining, make dua.


Teen? You must see this blog!

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ad-dua’ silahul mukmin

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Brothers (by Seiman C)

No one can change unless they want to, force never works, change happens when you see the light for yourself.

The good light (via kushandwizdom)

I know that it is his job. but, still, I’m sad when he has outstation. especially when I’m home. I miss him already..

and yes. I’m daddy’s daughter and will always be <3

There’s always first time in everything. Explore and do new things!

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